The following testimonials were provided by Retailers, Manufacturers as well as American & Canadian Consumers regarding the\\'A=0 Yours Confidentially™ concept:

From Retailers:

“In this “me, too” world,  buy propranolol tablets Yours Confidentially™ has created a unique approach to market personal care & hygiene products that answers the needs of consumers. Consumers have commented for years that they wanted privacy when purchasing these products and  zyvox antibiotic cost Yours Confidentially™ has finally met their needs with their high quality product in discreet packaging.”

“No Personal Care or Hygiene Company has addressed the important issue of Privacy leaving a tremendous opportunity for our own brand to define the category and become a destination for these products. Yours Confidentially™ shows a true understanding of a customer’s need that has not been met.”

“Unique, creative and definitely a point of difference that can help attract consumers of Personal Care & Hygiene products away from the preferred more intimate venue for these products, the drug store. We now have a real marketing tool to help us compete for this very profitable business using the Yours Confidentially™ concept.”

From Manufacturers:

“We are always looking for a product that gives us the type of advantage the Yours Confidentially™ concept provides. A chance to get a leg up on the competition!”

“With this patented confidential packaging system, we could consider using this in our industry and develop a profitable niche.” (Pharmaceutical OTC)

  • From Consumers:

    From a Young Women Age 26.“Every sanitary napkin or tampon package has huge pictures of the product and its brand name all over the package that can be seen from every side. Call me stupid but I don’t want people knowing my business and certainly don’t like their billboards all over the packaging. I think Yours Confidentially™ is right on.”

    From a Woman in Her Mid Thirties. “The Yours Confidentially™ concept has just what is needed in a world where everyone wants to know everyone else’s personal business. Privacy!”

    From a Mother Age 36. “Can’t believe that there are five different companies selling sanitary napkins and not one of them understands that the reason I hide all their products under other products in my shopping cart is because I don’t want people to know what I am buying. Yours Confidentially™, you are really onto something. It will be nice to have a real choice!”

    From a Mom Age 42. “Have you ever tried to get a teen to purchase their own personal care products? “That’s a Mom’s job!” Yours Confidentially™ has developed a packaging system that will let teens feel comfortable purchasing products they need; especially the ones they don’t want Mom to know about. I guess with Yours Confidentially™, my girls will always want to drive to the store now.”

    From a Mother Age 45. “When I took your survey I said that I wasn’t embarrassed buying feminine hygiene products. Well, after some thought, I have to confess that I do not like buying certain items such as douche and vaginal creams and a few others. Also at 45 years of age, I had to buy a pregnancy test and I did not want anyone to know about it, including my husband and children. I look forward to seeing the Yours Confidentially™ type products soon.”

    From a Grown Child (Baby Boomer). “My parents, like many other seniors, now wear adult diapers. Yours Confidentially™ allows my parents to retain their dignity when they can buy the product and store the product in their senior’s accommodation without the entire community talking about it. Thank you, Yours Confidentially™.”

    From a Great Grandfather. “It is tough spending your life running a long-time successful business and home life and then finding yourself incontinent. I have never had to depend on anyone my entire life but now am forced to use various incontinent products. My baby boomer kids do not like buying them for me (I don’t blame them) so I wanted to let you know that Yours Confidentially™ is a good idea. This is from a proud old man that ran a Fortune 500 Company many years ago and still has some dignity left!”