Research Overview

This research was conducted in the United States and Canada in 2007 through 2009. The following is a summary of the research results.


Purpose of the Research:

To gauge the consumer acceptance of a product line that offers confidential packaging for a select line of Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Products.


Research Basics:

538 respondents; representative of all age categories, equal representation of male and female and other attributes (employment, income, population and ethnicity). 84% of respondents primarily use National Brands for the selected Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Products and their point of purchase is in grocery stores (35%) or mass merchandisers (33%). They buy National Brand products because of the perceived quality (extremely important/important) (90%) and price (77%).



74% of respondents said that they would be embarrassed buying feminine hygiene, incontinence products, gastric/rectal or sexual-related products TODAY with feminine hygiene (26%) and sexual products (24%) rating the highest in embarrassment. (The research results for Gastric/rectal and incontinent products may be low because of the penetration of usage in the sample; however, in some geographical areas, it might be higher.)


Age Sensitivity

Although 26% of respondents say they are not embarrassed buying the above-mentioned products TODAY, 47% of these same people said that, at one time in their lives, they DID feel embarrassed. Feminine hygiene products was rated the highest.

The age bracket where embarrassment was recalled was 16-29 year olds. This group felt that other customers watching them, or simply knowing their personal business, was the reason (76%).

Taking it one step further

If the same respondents had to buy products for someone else TODAY, they would find incontinence products the most embarrassing to buy (47%); second would be sanitary products at 24%. If you factor in everyone that said they were either embarrassed TODAY or would be embarrassed purchasing for a family member the total is 95%!


Key Categories

Sanitary protection and incontinence products



The majority of consumers (76%) are embarrassed buying personal products at some time in their lives either for themselves (usually younger ages) or for someone else (support of children or parents).

Does Yours Confidentially™ offer an acceptable solution to consumers?

Based on their perception of the product offered through an artist’s drawing:
98% of total respondents said that they would definitely/probably buy the product
85% of total respondents said that they would like it (extremely/very)
80% of total respondents said that they would consider it to have great or very good value offering just a 5% price savings versus the National Brand Leader (with another 19% saying that it would be ‘good’ value)
93% of total respondents said that they would rate it as being extremely or very different from other products available in the market today.


Despite an inherent bias towards National Brands for the selected Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Products, consumers are faced with embarrassment buying these products in standard grocery/mass merchandisers/drug either for themselves or for their children or parents at some point during the life cycle.


Yours Confidentially™ can meet consumers’ needs for confidentiality with its unique patented package design that keeps what is both outside and inside the package private; yet still offering the perception of excellent quality and very great value.

It meets an unspoken need for all consumers at the different stages during the life cycle.

Yours Confidentially™ has been able to uncover a real need of the consumer: privacy. Then they developed a unique packaging approach that fulfills these needs. A research-based approach to selling that will be successful.