Yours Confidentially™ Value Proposition:

With YC's Patented, Discreet Confidential Packaging Solution for Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Products, Your Brand or Retail Store Will Have a Unique Selling Advantage.

By Giving Your Customers the Option for "Privacy", We at YC, Believe That This will Help You Sell More Product Because 95% of Customers Report Being "Embarrassed" When Purchasing These Products.

The Grocery Store, Drug Store or Superstore is the primary point of purchase for consumers for Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Product needs.

For most consumers purchasing personal care, hygiene and pharmaceutical OTC products, the in-store experience can range from mildly awkward (waiting until everyone has left the selected shopping aisle to pick the personal item they want), to somewhat uncomfortable (bury the selected personal item under other less embarrassing products in their shopping cart), to downright embarrassing (not buying the product that day or only buying on-line).

Yours Confidentially™ believes that the first priority should be your customers' shopping experience:
Retailers who Partner with Yours               Confidentially™ will become a destination for the 95% of consumers concerned with privacy and choice.
Manufacturers can provide an advantage over the competition by using our patented, discreet, confidential packaging system on all their Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Products.
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Our Mission

  • Yours Confidentially™ (YC) is committed to redefining the way Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Products are marketed and sold by licensing a patented, discreet, confidential packaging solution that assures consumers of all ages the privacy, dignity and respect they deserve and want.

    The Defining Issue - - - Embarrassment!

    Have you ever purchased a Personal Care (condom, tampon, douche, incontinence, pregnancy test or other) or Pharmaceutical OTC Product for either yourself or a family member and been embarrassed doing it? Have you ever avoided making a purchase due to embarrassment?

    How To Solve The Embarrassment Issue:

    The Yours Confidentially™ concept allows you to market your Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Products by providing complete privacy:

        1) On the Retailers' Shelf (with selected         packaging options)

        2) In a Customers' Shopping Cart

        3) Throughout the Store Including the         Complete Check-out Process

        4) And Even at Home

    Our Sustainability Commitment:

    For all products that feature the Yours Confidentially™ patent, 100% recycled paperboard is recommended.

    Note: For Retailers and Manufacturers that agree to incorporate recycled paperboard, Yours Confidentially™ will offer a reduction in the licensing fee to demonstrate our Sustainability commitment.