Yours Confidentially™ (YC) is committed to redefining the way Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Products are marketed and sold by licensing a patented, discreet, confidential packaging solution that assures consumers of all ages the privacy, dignity and respect they deserve and want.

The Defining Issue – – – Embarrassment!

Have you ever purchased a Personal Care (condom, tampon, douche, incontinence, pregnancy test or other) or Pharmaceutical OTC Product for either yourself or a family member and been embarrassed doing it? Have you ever avoided making a purchase due to embarrassment?

How To Solve The Embarrassment Issue:

The Yours Confidentially™ concept allows you to market your Personal Care and Pharmaceutical OTC Products by providing complete privacy:

1)  On the Retailers’ Shelf (with selected packaging options)

2)   In a Customers’ Shopping Cart

3)   Throughout the Store Including the Complete Check-out Process

4) And Even at Home

Our Sustainability Commitment: For all products that feature the Yours Confidentially™ patent, 100% recycled paperboard is recommended.

Note: For Retailers and Manufacturers that agree to incorporate recycled paperboard, Yours Confidentially™ will offer a reduction in the licensing fee to demonstrate our Sustainability commitment.

Our Customers:

All Retailers that sell Personal Care Products and Pharmaceutical OTC Consumer Package Companies that respect the Consumers need for privacy.

Future Products:

To be determined by you the Consumer.